MOTORBIKE TOUR IN THE AFTERNOON: Vietnamese Food + Local Sites and Cultures

6 - 12 Year old 50% of adult price
$ 35



MOTORBIKE TOUR IN THE AFTERNOON: Vietnamese Food + Local Sites and Cultures


  1. Discover the Vietnamese cuisine by eating many different foods in local areas
  2. Experience Vietnamese local life, local sites, and local cultures
  3. Traveling around Saigon by sitting the back of motorbike
  4. Connect with local people
  5. Explore Saigon in 4 hours with private tour

Let us bring you a great experience in the city with joining Vietnamese traffic and cultures like a local



  1. Saigon River Tunnels
  2. Old Mafia Area
  3. Floating Market
  4. China Town: Ghost building, motorbike accessories market, Chinese medicine market, fabric market, fish market, lantern market, Chinese temple
  5. Flower market
  6. Old apartment
  7. Thich Quang Duc monument
  8. Local foods and drinks: Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled pork with vermicelli noodles), Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake), Bot Chien (Fried rice flour cake), tropical fruits, fresh coconut and traditional coffee

Notes: Highlights can be flexible


Discover the cultures and cuisines of Vietnamese people by sitting on the back of motorbikes in the afternoon.

Our guides will pick you up at your hotel or specified places at 1.00PM.

Stop 1: We begin our tour by coming to Saigon River Tunnels to getting to see new luxury area in Saigon, as well as enjoying a wonderful view of the center. 

Stop 2: Especially, it is great for us to fill our stomach with a tasty and famous dish right in the centre – Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled pork with vermicelli noodles) which has a big variety of ingredients inside likes: Barbecue pork, spring rolls, stir-fried beef with onion, different kinds of vegetables and fish sauce.

Stop 3: Next, we will come to Mafia area where you can understand more about the stories of old mafia in the past as well as discover deeply about local life, cultures of Vietnamese people according to coming to the unique island by crossing the oldest church, local market and local small streets. 

Stop 4: We will take an adventure to floating market that you can see and understand the life of slum area of many people from Mekong Delta where you will try some special countryside specialty such as fresh coconut and some tropical fruits.

Stop 5: The next destination is China Town where we will take an adventure around ghost building, motorbike market, Chinese lantern market, fabric market, Chinese medicine market. From these markets, you can see the daily Chinese life in Vietnam. Finally, we will stop a typical Chinese temple which is a famous shrine with amazing sculptures and artwork inside temple. 

Stop 6: After that, we will explore another yummy and healthy Vietnamese food with a special eating way – Vietnamese pancake (Banh Xeo) in a local restaurant. Banh Xeo which is made from rice flour outside combined with pork, shrimp, beansprout, mushroom,…inside.

Stop 5: We will continue the tour by visiting the biggest flower market in Saigon with a large variety of flowers as well as Cambodian market where many local people can buy Cambodian foods or items in Saigon.

Stop 6: Now, it is our time to enjoy Vietnamese traditional coffee in a local shop with local drinking activities and experience the traditional way to make coffee of Vietnamese.

Stop 7: We are going to the oldest apartment that was built in 1968 in Saigon to experience the life of Vietnamese people in local area; especially, you can see the old houses of Saigonese in the past. 

Stop 8: We continue our food tour by enjoying another local food – Bot Chien which is a famous typical Chinese – Vietnamese dish in Saigon. It is a rice flour cake that we will enjoy with eggs, pickle young papaya and mixed soya sauce.

Stop 9: Then, we continue our tour by visiting Thich Quang Duc monument which is the monk burned himself to protest the persecution of Buddhists in 1963.

At the end of the tour around 5.00PM, our guides will drop off at your hotel or specified places and say goodbye to you with a Vietnamese gift.


  • Free pick-up and drop-off (Dist. 1, 3 - Extra charges for other districts)
  • All food and drinks
  • High quality helmet
  • Travel insurance
  • Small gift


  • Personal expenses (shopping fees, souvenirs, tips, etc...)
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